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Professional Experience & Background​​

I have a Bachelor's of Arts, a Master's of Science in English Education, and a Master's of Science in Speech Education. I am currently on faculty at Pensacola Christian College, a private four-year university in Pensacola, Florida. I teach in the Humanities and Performance Studies departments, teaching courses including Grammar & Composition, Research Writing, Debate Theory & Practice, Fundamentals of Speech, Public Speaking, Oral Communications, and Dramatics. My dissertation interest deals with exploring second language learning in interdisciplinary contexts, especifically the disciplines of English and Communications departments.


I am a Ph.D. candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I love the quote “No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets.” by William Borden, because it defines my PhD. life goals. By No Reserves, I mean that I will give 100% of my physical, emotional, and mental capacities to achieving success in my PhD. studies. By No Retreats, I mean that I will never give up. And by No Regrets, I mean that I will look back on this journey as a positive life changing experience.

ENGL 808


Summer 2016

here's a link to my blog:

No Reserves.

No Retreats.



Life Goals:

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